Get Up'N Go East

Get Up'N Go East

Welcome to Get Up'N Go Adventures East, a series of weekday rides designed for cyclists seeking relatively short relaxed romps over civilized on and off-road routes exploring suburban-Boston's back roads and greenspaces. Our routes are designed for low density, preferably no density, vehicular competition. These are group rides, where everyone stays together, no navigational skills are necessary, no one is ever left behind to fend for themselves, and a two hour time table is conscientiously observed. Because the rides take advantage of fire roads, bike paths, and easy off-road trails to avoid traffic, serve as shortcuts, or just for the fun of it, hybrid or mountain bikes are the (highly!!) recommended equipment.


A decade of designing and refining rides in the "Adventure" format has convinced the leaders that groups greater than fifteen in number are impractical, hence rides are first-come-first-served, advance signup is required, and while CRW membership isn't necessary, Club members go to the front of the line. Non-members must sign a waiver prior to every ride; CRW people complete an annual waiver when they join the Club and therefore dodge this bullet. If you're not a member, you can join HERE.

We maintain an email list of GUNGA riders, and new rides are also announced via email to this list. To add yourself to this list, go to this page:

or send an email to:

Get Up'N Go's leaders announce rides using the email list and optionally the site's Calendar page. If typical New England weather prevails this season, rain may occasionally cause a washout (snowouts are, we hope, unlikely). When this happens, the leader will send out a cancellation notice to the list and on the calendar. Status is updated by 8:30 AM day-of-ride.



Starting Locations – Vary, but usually in towns a short distance north or south of Route 2

Days and Distances

The schedule depends on finding leaders to help run the rides. GUNGA rides appear on the CRW calendar each Tuesday as a placeholder, but rides may be any weekday at the leader's preference, so the GUNGA Calendar should be consulted, or the email list. We are maintaining Bob & Lee's nomenclature to distinguish ride difficulty:

Ride descriptions will use this terminology, and/or explicitly state the numbers so everyone knows what to expect.

Historically, Soft-Spoken rides were on Tuesday, and Out-Spoken rides on Monday and Thursday, but this is entirely up to the leader.

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● Leaders – A joint effort (for more about us, click here)

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