Welcome to the Charles River Wheelmen member mileage database. You can enter your mileage here, review your personal mileage, or browse a list of the current mileages for members in the database.

This facility is intended for CRW Members only. Data entered here for CRW members will appear in the club newsletter, WheelPeople.

For more information on the mileage rules, consult the mileage information page.


Please log in to the database by entering your old mileage ID. If you are a first time user, enter an ID that is easy to remember, and an account will be created for you.


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You can enter your current mileage or modify earlier entries, review your mileage history for the year, or list the current mileages of all members of the database. Select the appropriate button below:

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Month for Mileage

Select the month for which data is to be entered. Just press "Continue" to enter mileage for last month, or select a different month if you wish to change or add information from prior months and press "Continue."

Mileage Entry for MONTHYEAR

Enter your year to date mileage for the month selected, or the mileage for the month, indicate which by checking "Current Month" or "Year to Date", and check the appropriate boxes if you've ridden a metric century or century in that month. Enter mileage as integral miles, do not enter fractional mileage. Fractional mileage entered will be rounded down.

Centuries/metrics in the winter months should have been ridden in New England, or at least somewhere it was below freezing.

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NOTE: If you enter monthly mileage, you must enter it EVERY month for total mileage to be calculated.
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Edit User Mileage Data

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You can enter monthly mileage data on this form. However, you must enter mileage for each month, or the program will not be able to calculate monthly totals.

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? Information not available

You must press the "Recalculate" button to save your changes.

User Mileage Data

Mileage data for ##YEAR##:

NA Information not available

All Users Current Totals for ##YEAR##

Month Last month mileage was reported
M Months with one or more metric centuries (62 miles)
C Months with one or more centuries(100 miles)
K Months with more than 1000 miles ridden

Download Mileage Data


To download mileage information for WheelPeople, right click or control-click (Mac) on this link and select "Save Link as ..." or "Save Target As ...". You can add this data to the other entries that have been received by email or phone. One way to do this is to open the file in notepad, select all (Ctrl-A), then copy and paste into the spreadsheet.

The mileage info contains mileage for all members who have entered data for the previous month.